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Somassage® is a full body massage developed from the principles of Soma® and Structeral Integration.


Somassage®  was initially developed to help support clients who had completed The Series. This work is a great way to support the body as it continues to change and re-align post series.


However, Somassage® is not limited to those who have gone through the series. Anyone is a good candidate for Somassage®. It is a wonderful introduction to the Soma® series work for people who may not want to commit to the full series but are looking for relaxation and pain reduction. It is also a fabulous way to help balance out treatment work.


Somassage® clients typically feel both relaxed and energized due to the nature of the session. Clients are encouraged to participate in the session by way of including movement and focusing on thier present awareness and feeling into thier being.


Somassage® is not the Soma® series. Therefore the work is not permanent and must be repeated regularly like other massage techniques.

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