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The Series

Soma Neuromuscular Integration® is an 11 sessions series.
The series has been designed to address each segment of the body. With each session building upon the last session systematically.
By addressing different segments of your body we are able to work holistically to create positive changes in movement and compensation patterns. Creating a more balanced body.
For longer lasting results, Soma® is best experienced as the whole series. 
See below for a break down of the sessions.

Session 1

The Rib Cage

Free the tissue surrounding the rib cage, lengthen the front line of the chest, resulting in feelings of lightness and well being, a more upright posture, and fuller, deeper breathing.

Session 2

Legs and Feet

Focus on the body’s foundation, the lower legs and feet, creating a sense of being firmly grounded and in touch with reality.

Session 3


Lengthen the sides of the body and free the shoulders so breathing can expand for greater relaxation and more immediately available energy.


4, 5, 6

The Core Sessions

Adjust and lengthen the center line, or core, that runs vertically through the body.  After these sessions, walking takes a fraction of the energy typically expended, with improved balance and freedom of movement.  These sessions should be completed within two weeks of each other.

Sesson 7

Head and Neck

Release the muscles of the neck, face, and head, resulting in a more relaxed appearance with increased self reliance and personal power.

Sessions 8,9,10

Integrate the whole body in a new and more efficient manner.  Energy and vitality increase as the body’s structure becomes more aligned and balanced in gravity.

Integrative Sessions

Arm Session

Release and integrate the arms and shoulders; increasing rotary function and allowing energy to move through the elbows, scapula to the sacrum. Resulting in the arms to swing relaxed.

Usually Received in-between Session 9 and 10
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